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Find your mojo

Wish you had a change expert in your pocket?


Get personal support to build better relationships,  reduce change fatigue, increase your influence or resolve change conflict


You want to succeed, so it's hard to know where to turn when issues arise like:


  • Constantly meeting walls of fatigue, resistance or challenge when you talk about change

  • Having trouble when navigating tricky professional situations

  • Not knowing your next move with a stakeholder, team member or your leader

Ready to book?

Sometimes you just need a 'brain to pick'.
A secret weapon to help you make a great next move. 

You need to NAVIGATE NOW with confidence and find your MOJO

Who is this session for?

  • Project Team Members - Business Analysts, Project Officers, Practice Leads, Project Managers who want to excel on the human side of project work

  • Team Leaders -  Leaders facing exhausting change who need practical advice and support on real world challenges

  • Fellow Change Practitioners welcome! 

What is this session for?

Shift the dial on your real-world challenges in 75 mins with a Navigate Now 1:1 session. 


Get access to 20 years of change know-how to navigate your change roadblocks.

Each  session you bring along a challenge/issue/question unique to you.


Work 1:1 with your change expert to uncover insights and actions you can put into practice today!


Build better relationships,  reduce change fatigue, increase your influence, resolve change conflict


What do you get?

  • 75-mins virtual face to face session​

  • Discuss, discover and uncover actions for your specific change challenge

  • ​​Access to 20 years of expert change knowledge dedicated to helping and supporting you

  • ​​A no-bullshit approaching to making sure you emerge with a path forward

  • ​​Problem solving techniques to help you take real world action (not a coaching 'questioning' session)

What do our clients say?

"I feel more confident in my decision making and able to communicate more effectively.  Both personally and professionally. Particularly when it comes to challenging conversations.  


I have a clearer understanding of how to manage performance and behaviour."

Suz H,  Finance Sector

"100% recommend. The tools and systems provided for a deeper understanding, and future solutions to Leadership for both general and performance management."

Adam Barter, Local Government

What else could you achieve with a full day of expert guidance? 

How about a whole day together to explore, understand and really sort through the challenges you are experiencing? 

You can book our VIP day and get access to a change management expert to help you:


•    develop a strategy to address a future change
•    work through the shape of a current program or project
•    create a structure for your ongoing engagement activities or board meetings
•    help you understand why some areas are presenting roadblocks
•    plan your next moves in tough negotiations
•    become better at navigating complex relationships 


We will only be offering this service a few days per quarter so talk to us today about booking your VIP experience. 

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