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The Timbs and Co Difference

Many organisations share their company values, and it can be a struggle to reflect them in the way they operate.


At Timbs and Co, we’ve been inspired to build our operations around the things we know to be true, today.


These are the principles and beliefs that drive us to make decisions about how we work with our clients, conduct our operations, and show up as practitioners in the world.

What we know to be true, right now:

  1. Our choices aim to secure a world of beauty, safety, and health for future generations

  2. We look to make work fun, fulfilling and exciting

  3. Change is the universal constant, and should offer opportunity for all

  4. We do not see things as they are - we see them as we are

  5. There is no such thing as THE truth, only perspectives

  6. We look for the best in others and expect it of ourselves

  7. Play is for productivity

  8. It's always right to do the next right thing

  9. We must ask, to receive

  10. Happiness is in the progress, not the perfection

These ten statements help us make decisions on everything from our use of sustainable products in our offices, to our business and banking partners, and advice to clients on their change needs and design.


We live and breathe what we know to be true about change, play, progress, perfection and truth and when you work with Timbs and Co practitioners you can expect to see these principles and beliefs in action and working for you.

Hi, I'm Faith

Founder and Managing Director of Timbs and Co: Change Design.


When I started my working life as a Stage Manager, calling cues in theatres around the world, I had no idea how relevant managing challenging personalities, high stakes, and even higher expectations would be for my future career in Change.


My creative background has played a big part in the way I work with people experiencing change. 

I'm ok with big emotions, ambitious undertakings  and I love to have some fun along the way! 


I'm pretty outspoken when it comes to change especially when it I see it being wrangled into a linear framework, a tidy PowerPoint, or a perfect Excel spreadsheet.


The messiness, creativity, curiosity and brilliant quirks of people keeps me busy everyday and coming back year after year to this amazing job.


I've built Timbs and Co as a reflection of my experience, passion,

and years of work in both successful and unsuccessful change!


If you want to get real, hands-on help to make change

that is safe and supported, we'd love to work with you. 



Keen to get started on  Change Management that works?

Book a Clarity Call today

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