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Connect with Your People 

Hands-on services that get

safe, supportive change happening


Is your business in constant change?
How about...

  • low motivation ?

  • frustration ?

  • fear ?

  • blame ?

  • negativity ?

  • low retention?

Is it time to change how you're changing? 

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Your people don't need to love change, but the right know-how can make change a whole lot better 

We focus on three areas for hands-on workshops and facilitation


Trust and psychological safety

We want to work with those we know, like and trust. 

How do you build trust in your project, team or with those big-ticket stakeholders?

We break down the key stages of creating a safe space and the steps to build and maintain trust at work. 

Check out how many of the day to day actions we take impact our relationships and team dynamics. 


Psychosocial safety

Legislation says it's a must. 

Change is resulting in hazards and harm everyday. 

We break it down into real world examples and actions that anyone can understand. 

Check out how easy it can be to get up to speed with the world of safety in change.  

Understanding Change and Psychosocial Safety (1).png


Play for purpose

A process where everyone gets to contribute. 

Everyone gets a say.

Everyone feels safe. 

And you get the big ideas, big insights and big outcomes. 

With big fun.  

Check out how reducing stress, anxiety and frustration can also produce project change outcomes.

You can make change work for you too

"These workshops during the change helped me as I was reminded of the real world outside the confines of our business. And asking myself are there other ways to achieve the same goals another way or with a different tact."

"These workshops have guided me through a number of challenging staffing conversations in this change. I have learnt a great deal around how to manage conversations with certain personality types and how to steer difficult conversations."


Keen to get started on  Change Management that works?

Book a Clarity Call today

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