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Psychosocial Safety in Change

Managing psychosocial hazards for change success
For Leaders
    Understand how to create a positive and supportive climate that enables individuals, leaders, and teams to navigate change with confidence, resilience, and purpose.

    This interactive workshop explores:

    - the 14 common psychosocial hazards at play in the workplace
    - how these hazards relate to organisational change
    - methods to address these hazards including leadership capability, cultural alignment, systems thinking, co-creation and learning agility.

    Start to uncover the tangible impacts of new legislation, and the real world actions you can take today to make your workplace a safe and supportive environment for change.

Face to Face and Virtual

4 hours

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You can make change work for you too

"I walked in feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 

Walking out, I feel lighter, more positive and ready to take on the things I can control (like we learned). This was so much more than I was expecting and a really positive experience.


Who knew change training could be this way!"

"It turns out the way I feel is actually exactly what I should be feeling.


Now I have hope and tools to help me succeed without needing to leave my role.

Thanks for a really enjoyable and motivating session. I'll be telling the others that this session will really help them as well."


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