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Find your mojo | Connect with your people | Achieve your outcomes


After almost 20 years we know the frameworks in and out.
We just prefer stuff that actually works in real life. 
That's where Change Design ® comes in. 


  • We combine multiple disciplines (cos Change Management is nice but not everything!)

  • We are all about making you confident (you can be great at this people stuff)!

  • And we know a thing or two about keeping it safe (psychosocially and psychologically)!



Find your mojo

Wish you had a change expert in your pocket to help you navigate tricky change and project situations?

Pick our brains in this one-on-one session


We'll help you get your mojo back and

sort issues immediately with someone in your corner!

Connect with your people

Is your business in constant change?


Loving change is NOT a requirement!

You just need the know-how to make the everyday change a little easier. 

Discover how to turn frustration and fear

into trust and team connection.


Without becoming an accidental psychologist!! 

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Achieve your outcomes

Our unique Strategic Change Design® Service will deliver what you need to get your change moving right now.

You'll get eyes on your change project as

we get up to speed in days not weeks.

We'll review, reveal and refine the design of your change. 

Whether you're at the very beginning, or in a very big mess,

get a practical strategy for your people, and project.


It's on the way!

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What's it like to work with us?

"Faith has so much knowledge and expertise, her presence has been invaluable throughout the transition."

"Faith used her fantastic people skills to bring everyone along with her on the upgrade journey.

I was delighted that she was there to make everything go as smoothly as possible."

"I don’t hesitate to recommend Faith – you won’t regret any time you spend with her."

"The team respect and enjoy Faith and she makes setting expectations fun."

"You will be glad you worked with Timbs and Co! Faith has exceptional experience and training.  Together with an engaging manner, wit and humour, making for informative and fun sessions every time."

"Faith has been a driving force in the project, upskilling the leaders to enable a better way of working in the new environment."


Keen to get started on  Change that works?

Book a Clarity Call today

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Receive the benefits of Leaders Lounge when you work with us


Enroll in our Leaders Lounge Short Course 

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