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Where do we draw our
Timbs and Co Change Design   approach from?
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Our Timbs and Co Change Design    approach goes beyond Change Management and draws from the disciplines of Human Centred Design, Cynefin   , Change Management, Learning and Development, Organisational Development and Mental Health and Wellness Practice. 

Decades of experience has shown us that Change Management alone can't offer a truly holistic approach to the complex challenges facing leaders, teams and organisations. So we've reached out to learn more, and embraced the best of other disciplines and, using a design orientation, we've achieved better results for organisations who want benefits realised, and for individuals going through the experience of changing. 

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Cynefin Registered (3).png
Our Change Design Approach

The tenets Human Centred Design (HCD) align directly with our our principles, and enhance our Change Design practice daily. 

We bring this to life by getting hands-on to see real life impacts and understand more than what's in the assessment. While we love to share our great ideas, HCD helps our Change Designers consider ideas beyond our own, and to follow the needs of the people we are designing the changing with. 

And of course, we love to experiment, adapt and adjust with our clients, and HCD provides so many wonderful tools to prototype, tests and ideate. 


Changing impacts the adaptive capacity, mental health and wellness of our leaders, team members and change practitioners,. 


Legislation has shifted to acknowledge the very real consequences of poorly managed change, and psychologically unsafe workplaces

Our Change Design approach integrates adaptable change management tools, psychosocial risk identification and mitigation skills, and research-driven wellness activities to create a workplace that thrives during changing.

Mental Heath

Prosci, ADKAR, Lewin, Kotter, Bridges, Satir, People-Centered Implementation, Lean Change, Cynefin, Nudge, Kubler-Ross, CMBOK 

- just to name a few!


You name it and we are certified, accredited and ready to apply the relevant tools where they suit your business context

BUT only where they make sense and suit your needs. 

Not just because 'the framework says so' but because we work with you to select the right tools for you, at the right time and place. 

Change Management

We believe that much of the need in changing is in learning and developing our people. And when these experiences are meaningful they stick with us, importantly, they make us feel. In the the words of Maya Angelou: 

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

We design learning, changing, engaging experiences for our clients. Experiences that amplify hope, grow trust, cultivate compassion and strengthen stability

Oh, and they are also creative, fun, playful, positive and absolutely unique!

Learning and Development

Change that involves people means there will be complex elements to tangle with. This typically comes with a dose of uncertainty, a pinch of emergence and a dash of sense-making as you figure out useful decisions to make.


We help you move purposefully through complex situations that call for an experimental approach to learn what is the next right thing to do.


Tangling with complexity is a team sport, so we'll help you create conditions for the rich interactions between people that have the power to create meaningful change.


Capability exists in our individuals, teams and people-powered systems of the organisation.

We believe in understanding, interpreting and building on all of these areas to provide a holistic uplift in capability through the changing experience. 

While we coach and mentor individuals and teams in the organisation to uplift mindset, skill set, tool set and knowledge set, we also know the organisational capabilities can constrain the success of people. 


One of our biggest differences is our willingness to understand and advocate for growth and changing in organisational capability.  

Org Development
Work with Us
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Our Thinking Partner service is a combination of a sounding board, a sanity check, a sense-making ally, and a critical thinker. 


Let us challenge your thinking to elevate it to a higher level of quality, so you can confidently put forward your best work yet.

Going beyond wise questions, or advice, your Thinking Partner gives real support and can roll up their sleeves to help you get the job done.

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We work with what you have, and from where you are.


Our Advisory service offers rapid, pragmatic Change Design expertise no matter the size and scope of your business. 

We gain a deep understanding of your context and resources and take a jargon-free approach. 


We specialise in one-off rapid activity design, change strategy creation and support you with ongoing mentoring and monitoring.

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We provide a dynamic facilitation service, designed to help you explore difference perspectives, support people through transitions or bring people together for a common purpose.


We work with you to design the right experience for your clients, customers, team members or senior stakeholders.


We can create just the right atmosphere for the goals you want to achieve. 

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