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Where do we draw our
Timbs and Co Change Design® approach from?

Our Timbs and Co Change Design®  approach draws from the disciplines of Human Centred Design, Cynefin®, Change Management, Learning and Development, Organisational Development and Mental Health and Wellness Practice. 

Decades of experience has shown us that Change Management alone can't offer a truly holistic approach to the complex challenges of today.

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Curious about what we borrowed?

We've reached out to learn more, and embraced the best of other disciplines to achieve outcomes, help you connect with your team and find your mojo in change!


When you work with us you'll be learning new skills to help you achieve your outcomes in change. Our thoughts on learning echo those of Maya Angelou: 

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

So that's what you get - feel good experiences that help you find your mojo, connect and achieve.


Oh, and you'll also get to pass that feeling on with the skills we teach!

Learning and Development

Prosci, ADKAR, Lewin, Kotter, Bridges, Satir, People-Centered Implementation, Lean Change, Cynefin®, Nudge, Kubler-Ross, CMBOK. You name it and we are certified, accredited and have had a crack at using it in the real world. Most if it we could leave on the shelf for most change situations. 

We've been around the block and like to take a more practical view of change, with a sparing use of the traditional frameworks. You'll not find a lot of pre-packaged PowerPoints or tick box Excel spreadsheets here.


Our use of Change Management is more about picking the bits that we've seen get stuff done, and leaving the false stats, number gazing, and over analysis to others. 

Change Management

Changing impacts more than just the business goals, it can have serious health consequences and legislation has shifted to acknowledge the very real issue of poorly managed change, and psychologically unsafe workplaces. 

We're qualified in WHS so that psychosocial risk identification and mitigation isn't just a buzz word, we really get what it means and how to make sure your change isn't damaging you, your team or your business.


No fluff, this is real business risk work. 

Mental Heath

Sometimes the systems and processes outside the change are our biggest enemy. 

We help you look beyond your immediate environment and see the bigger picture of cause and effect, impact and structure to understand why issues are occurring. 

Whether it's roadblocks with leaders, your team mates or yourself the broader organisation can be part of the challenge and we know how to help you see the connecting pieces of the puzzle and how to solve it and create success and growth. 

Org Development

The tenets Human Centred Design (HCD) align directly with our our principles, and enhance our Change Design practice daily. 

We get hands-on to see real life impacts and understand more than what's in the assessment. While we love to share our great ideas, we know the best stuff comes from others and from following the needs of the people changing. 

And of course, we love to experiment, adapt and adjust with our clients, and HCD provides so many wonderful tools to prototype, test and ideate. 


Change can bring uncertainty and challenge, personally and for your team and business.


Sometimes you need help to make sense, and to figure out useful decisions to make. Especially when you don't know much about what's coming next. 


We get it. The power of Cynefin® is in helping you get moving even when things are a little unclear. 

Doing the next right thing in change can make all the difference. 



Keen to get started on  Change Management that works?

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