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Achieve Your Outcomes

Forget fancy titles and prestige positions 

You need to get stuff done on a change project!

Business People Applauding

Hitting some of the sticky spots in change projects? 

  • You've got change agents in name only or worse! No one wants to be a change agent

  • Sponsors don't know (or don't want to know) how to play their part

  • The hard conversations are never had

  • The mistakes of the past are set on repeat

  • Sometimes it seems no one is listening to what the project needs

  • There doesn't seem time for the complicated tools of change

  • Energy and motivation are left to the project team to provide

  • You don't know what the solution is to some of your stakeholder challenges 

You need the Change Must-Haves - not another framework!

Our Change Must-Haves is just that - all the juice and none of the pulp! 
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We focus on key strategies for you to achieve your outcomes as:


  • an individual in a change project (PM, BA, CA, Project Officer or anyone working to make a change happen)

  • a leader in a business


You don't need to be the big cheese for these tools and skills to work! 

What do you get in a Change Must-Haves Session?

60 minute virtual training session designed to address the sticky bits of change 


Built just for those working inside change projects (with or without a change manager) 


Updated every quarter with up to the minute content 

Our programs include content like: 

Listening Style for Influence
Questions for tough customers
What's 'why' got to do with it?
If now, why now? Making sequencing your b*tch.
Give to get - your brain on reciprocity
Learn the levers of trust
Will one word do? Communication 101
Managing Up - You bet it is time to learn
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Event Planning Team


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