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Achieve Your Outcomes
A better path to making your project happen

Change abounds. But is it the right change, connected to real business outcomes and designed to deliver on tangible and measurable results? And is it going to work for your people?

Our Strategic Change Design® Service helps you design your change from the ground up and ensure it's right change with all the right benefits and outcomes .


Change that works so your people are ready to get onboard! 

We act quickly to understand your context and help you design a change that will fly from day one !

Through our proven Strategic Change Design® Service we will help you avoid:
  • key issues we know lead to people fatigue

  • poor sequencing

  • failure to design for the culture, conditions and context you really have

  • token consultation 

  • limited or no co-design

  • poor timing for testing and acceptance

  • communication gaps

  • stakeholder misidentification

We work with you to:
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  • ​connect to the real outcomes the change will deliver (and tell you if your current plan won't get it done!)

  • ensure benefits are identified and surface issues and blockers in the right places

  • identify people risks and potential controls 

  • deliver a strategy for the change, ready for future implementation

  • truth-tell where it's needed

Make your project fly from Day One, with Change that works

Here's what you get with our Strategic Change Design® Service:

  • The services of a senior, experienced and seriously qualified change practitioner

  • Engagement at the earliest stage* of a project when crucial decisions on scope, schedule and risk are taking place

  • A Change Design® (our own specialist change strategy/needs/recommendations/action documentation) filled with top level advice, that doesn't pull any punches

  • Then we'll help you hand over the strategy to a long term Change Manager who can bring the strategy to life (we will even help you recruit them if you like!) or we can handover to your own internal resource.


We also offer ongoing Navigation Sessions to ensure you've got the support you need to implement the Design we've created together. Just what you need to make sure the project continues to fly, with a little extra wind beneath your wings!


Are you wildly off track and worried this service would be too-little too-late for you? 

We can also provide our Strategic Change Design® Service to help you get back on track and recover your project for your people. 

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How would a Strategic Change Design® help your project?

With the challenges of constant change, you can't afford to ignore how people will receive and adopt your change.

So why not be strategic and get expert level change help at the very beginning, rather than trying to recruit a change management unicorn for your whole project. 

You'll be starting off on the right foot, to have people at the centre of your project with a great design for how your change will unfold. 


You can avoid the usual pitfalls by:

  • course-correcting early 

  • getting your sequencing right​ upfront

  • weaving your change right into the broader project plan

  • knowing where the biggest issues are likely to emerge and how you'll best address them

  • reducing your people and adoption risks immediately 

We've designed change for all kinds of projects:

Relocation for field and office-based teams
New ways of working including hot-desking and remote work
New IT systems, migrations and updates
Team  culture and dynamics transitions
New processes, changes and updates (finance, records, customer requests, call centre management, logistics and more) 
Construction, transport and logistics projects
Business strategy development and implementation
Restructure and workforce transition
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Get smart about how you plan and prepare for change, with the right advice at the right time. 

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