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Change Design
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Surprising experiences...
beyond Change Management

At Timbs and Co our range of practical and pragmatic solutions go beyond change ‘management’ to help you solve the real-world challenges of a changing organisation. No linear frameworks in sight. 

Using Change Design® we: 

  • take a multi-disciplinary view

  • work across organisational systems, leader capability and individual influence

  • create a safe and supportive environment for changing 

We help teams, leaders and organisations build an environment where changing is productive, pragmatic and psychosocially safe.


Discover our unique psychosocial change approach and reduce the risks of poorly managed change in your workplace today.

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Learn more about how our Change Design®

 approach brings together six disciplines to deliver better change outcomes

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We help organisations,

leaders, teams and practitioners with their change experiences, learning and

change risk. 

Our Thinking
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Curious about

Psychosocial Change?

Download our FREE 
e-book to learn more about taking a psychosocial approach to change.

Identify the potential psychosocial hazards in your workplace change today.
Take our ChangeWell Workplace Foundation Assessment and get insight, recommendations and industry benchmarks

Does this sound familiar?

Your people are exhausted by the constant change you are rolling out to keep pace with the market? 

You need practical ways to implement psychosocial safety tools and practices into your constantly changing business?


Your leaders struggle to manage the emotional and complex demands of leading teams in constant complex change?

The change you are experiencing is ambiguous or highly complex? 

You're not sure how the imperative of legislative change connects to your organisational change and what to do about it? 

If you've tried the cookie cutter methods and found them lacking ...
Then you’re in the right place!

Our Solutions

We take a new approach to thinking, acting and leading in change
Explore our Change Design® solutions below


Hover over each of our solutions to find out more about how we work with you,

and click through to find our full program suite: 

Address change

overwhelm and fatigue for leaders and teams

We help leaders and teams who are exhausted by change to feel better and be more productive every day.

(Without becoming counsellors or psychologists!) 


Create a safe and supportive change environment and minimise the psychosocial risk of change

We facilitate training, workshops, and long term sustainable support  to create supportive and safe change environments including Mental Health First Aid and Trauma Informed Leadership. 

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Build practical change capability for sponsors, leaders and change agents

We build skills for sponsors, leaders and change agents within your existing change projects, supporting your work with learning programs that build unexpected and essential change skills.

Our Solutions

Get to know us

What are people saying about us? 

“Hilarious, personable and brilliant at what she does, Faith will come in, work hard and leave you better and more equipped to deal with change than before she got there.”

Alexis Heim
Senior Manager, Change Management, PWC

"Faith managed the project using her fantastic people skills to bring everyone along with her on the upgrade journey.

I was delighted that she was there to make everything go as smoothly as possible. I don’t hesitate to recommend Faith – you won’t regret any time you spend with her."

Dr Abbe Winter
Queensland University of Technology


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