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Surprising experiences...
beyond Change Management

Explore Change Design 
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At Timbs and Co we help leaders and their teams adapt and thrive, by designing meaningful changing experiences.

We go beyond change ‘management’ to offer a service that encompasses experience design, leadership skill building, and tools for decision making in rapidly shifting environments. 

Our Change Design approach takes a sledge hammer

to standard Change Management thinking and practices.


It's taking your traditional Change Management methodology and making it savvier, stronger, sounder. Enrich what you have, from where you are - instead of pressing your team into cookie cutter frameworks that just aren't working.

To make real change happen for real people. People who are messy, knotty, fascinating, frustrating and 'fine'. 

Design your meaningful changing experience with us.

Go Beyond Change Management 



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Does this sound familiar?

You're concerned that you don’t have the right skills to respond to the organisational change that you know is coming or that you are initiating?

You've tried the cookie cutter frameworks and found them lacking? Or worse, hugely cumbersome and hard work to implement and sustain

You know that changes you make need a responsive, adaptive approach, something that supports people, rather than an approach that looks more like managing a budget!?

Then you’re in the right place!

  • We help leaders and change practitioners who know that they need new capabilities to support the change they seek today.


  • Who want to make stronger decisions even when the future is uncertain.


  • Who want to access expert support to help them think differently in today's complex change work. 

You’ve found a team that believes in understanding your unique business,

and designing a changing experience just for you. 

Throw out the cookie cutter, smash the traditional notions of a 'one-size fits all' change approach and design your meaningful changing experience with us.


You'll gain: 

Build resilient change (14).png
Build resilient change (14).png
Build resilient change (14).png
Build resilient change (14).png
Build resilient change (14).png
Build resilient change (14).png
Our Services
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Our Thinking Partner service is a combination of a sounding board, a sanity check, a sense-making ally, and a critical thinker


Let us challenge your thinking to elevate it to a higher level of quality, so you can confidently put forward your best work yet.

Going beyond wise questions, or advice, your Thinking Partner gives real support and can roll up their sleeves to help you get the job done. 

Copy of Fresh Facilitation (4)

We work with what you have, and from where you are.


Our Advisory service offers rapid, pragmatic Change Design expertise no matter the size and scope of your business. 

We gain a deep understanding of your context and resources and take a jargon-free approach. 


We specialise in one-off rapid activity design, change strategy creation and support you with ongoing mentoring and monitoring.

Copy of Fresh Facilitation (3)_edited.png

We provide a dynamic facilitation service, designed to help you explore difference perspectives, support people through transitions or bring people together for a common purpose.


We work with you to design the right experience for your clients, customers, team members or senior stakeholders.


We can create just the right atmosphere for the goals you want to achieve. 

Who we are

Hi, I'm Faith

Build resilient change (10).png

Founder and Managing Director of Timbs and Co: Change Design.

I learned the ups and down of the Change Management discipline while working on transformative change over the past 20 years.

I’ve seen the challenges leaders face when they can’t make sense of human responses to organisational change. I’ve also watched leaders, teams and change practitioners struggle with change frameworks that make no room for humanity.

The traditional thinking about Change Management isn't enough anymore and I’ve created Timbs and Co: Change Design to break through those limits. 

If you want to stop managing change like a budget and start making stronger decisions as a bold leader of change, then we’d love to work with you.

FREE Change Design Resources and Reading

What's Changing in work, thinking and tools

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Find out what leaders nominate as their TOP CHANGE CHALLENGE in our latest edition

Anecdote Circles Method

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A short guide for change practitioners seeking to gain narratives from those impacted by change

Check out our Blog



Check out our selection of articles from the Timbs and Co team and friends!


Faith came to QUT to change manage our Sharepoint upgrade project, and she did so successfully with grace and humour. As a large organisation with thousands of employees servicing tens of thousands of students, the Sharepoint upgrade meant that a lot of administrative information could be shared easily across the university.


Faith managed the project using her fantastic people skills to bring everyone along with her on the upgrade journey.

I was delighted that she was there to make everything go as smoothly as possible. I don’t hesitate to recommend Faith – you won’t regret any time you spend with her.

Dr Abbe Winter



“Faith is an authentic and compassionate coach who truly invests in the people she mentors. She provides valuable and insightful feedback, strategies and tips on how to navigate through change as well as how to build resilience within your own change management career development.


Always approachable, she brings a great sense of curiosity and energy to each conversation and meet up.”

Jennifer Holder

Change Specialist
Flight Centre - Global Leisure


“Faith has has been much more than a coach, she is a one woman cheer squad.


Hilarious, personable and brilliant at what she does, Faith will come in, work hard and leave you better and more equipped to deal with change than before she got there.”

Alexis Heim

Enterprise Change Partner
BAU Systems Australia


“Helen's approach to managing change is unique in the global market.


If you want someone that is full of ideas that will bring your company forward into the 21st century ahead of the pack, choose Helen


If you want someone who has tried and tested these ideas, knows how to apply them and make them work within your business context, then you should choose Helen.

Bronte Jackson

HR Strategy and Change Manager
UN Food and Agriculture Organization Rome, Italy

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