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What is Change Design anyway?

Timbs and Co have launched our Change Design approach into the wide world what the heck does that mean?

Well essentially it goes beyond Change Management and draws from Human Centred Design, Cynefin (along with so much of Dave Snowden’s other amazing work), Change Management, Learning and Development, Organisational Development and Experience Design.


Because after being in the game of Change Management for all these years, we've seen how much the changing experience needs enriching. Cookie cutter frameworks and the same old models just don't cut it for complex humans experiencing layers of continuous changing.

So we really looked at what was working, and had worked, in our practice. What really created better changing experiences for teams and leaders?

Turns out a lot of that success came when we got creative, adventurous, and dare we say - interdisciplinary!!

When we pulled it apart there were pieces of lots of disciplines that we had been integrating, appropriating and adapting for our purposes, well beyond what any change method, framework or methodology could suggest. But no matter where that came from -they worked. We had tested them in real life and had evidence of good things happening.

We also knew each discipline could be combined in different ways for different clients. The work guided by a sensibility, or disposition that the practitioner would bring. This work would be designed.

Thus, Change Design emerged, drawing from the disciplines that we believed were essential to creating better changing experiences.

Fundamental to this approach would be continuing to design experiences with others, those impacted by the change. We celebrate and embrace the power of individuals to shape their changing experiences in meaningful ways.

Which means each designed experience is unique, like the individuals who help shape them, and the organisational contexts they exist in.

You'll find lots more information on this site about the specifics we've drawn from these various disciplines and frameworks but more importantly, our clients feel the benefits of the way we uniquely combine them in our approach.

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