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Smooth as Butter

Make your next meeting, workshop or team activity unforgettable with these FREE resources from the amazing facilitation gurus at Butter.

With everything from icebreakers to quarterly business reviews to stand up meeting guides, this site is an incredible place to find new ideas to create fun, build new skills, discover creativity, and connect with your team.

And if you are a change manager who facilitates workshops - you'll love the playlists, tools and templates for every type of interaction you can imagine!!

So many of our personal favourites are on here like:

Liked, Learned, Lacked, Longed for

a brilliant reflection tool with each to use prompts for the

whole team

Which Button Would You Press?

a quick but insightful check in for your team, colleagues, or any group activity

25 Thoughtful Conversation Starters

thoughtful questions to spark deeper conversations with anyone

What, So What, Now What Activity

this activity gets to the heart of complexity and taking action in uncertainty!

Check out the whole site for so many inspiring and insightful tools gathered from creators everywhere. You can download and adapt them for FREE.

Plus their paid session planner tool is AMAZING (try if for free too!)

This is a great resource to shake up your next team meeting, workshop or problem solving session.

We've used many of these techniques in our Change Management, Change Fatigue and other Leadership capability and Facilitation work.

Talk to us if you'd like help implementing these methods to create new ways of working and thinking in your workplace!

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