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Change Design Workshops - what makes our workshops different

Choosing an advisor or supporter can be like hitting shuffle on your music playlist. There's a perfect song out there for the day ahead, but sometimes the beats begin and the song isn't quite what you hoped, and the day drags by feeling out of sync.

White headphones sitting on a rainbow background of fluro pink, green, blue and yellow

Those magic days when your playlist is in tune with exactly what you need, create energy, creativity and magic.

Just like the right support, advice and know-how can help you achieve your goals.

At Timbs and Co finding your perfect match for change support should never be a random shuffle. Especially when you're bringing a group or team into the mix. We want our Change Design Workshops to be different experiences for everyone, no matter the topic or focus.

When we lead a session for your team, we've got some principles in mind so you know just what to expect, and exactly how we will help them (and you) achieve their goals:

1. We're the guide from the side; rather than the sage from the stage

Sure we have expertise to bring to the session - we also value there is wisdom and experience in the room to draw upon. We love to help teams reveal what they individually and collectively know, and to turn that insight into action they define and are motivated to implement.

We rarely stay in one place in the space, because we don't want to fit the pattern of being 'on stage'. Instead we move about and connect with people in the room, being by their side. Think of us as the support act, rather than the leading lady.

2. We consider and manage our personal energy.

We recognise that in facilitating a session our personal energy matters. How we show up sets the tone of the energy that others can tap into or have permission to embrace.

This isn't to say we are swinging from the chandlers on an adrenalin high. We take time the day before and after sessions to prepare and replenish our physical and psychological well-bring, so we are in peak fitness for serving the group.

3. We're present and responsive to the moment.

We come with skills, tools and resources that we don't know if we will use. However we have them available for when something emerges indicating a different next right thing to do or use.

We listen to our gut (and even have goose pimple moments) that alerts us to something significant happening with the group.

Then we can decide if we abandon or amend the current plan for something else that we are generally, but not specifically, prepared to do. We respond to what is most needed.

We've distilled all of this into our all our services available today. We deliver an approach that comes from years of experience and a range of different techniques, tips and tools that been road-tested in virtual and face-to-face environments.

Book a Clarity Call today to talk to us about how we can support your team with these skills and get you achieving your change and project goals together.


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