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60 FREE tools to engage your toughest stakeholder

Understanding issues, generating ideas, making decisions, meeting warm ups, managing difficulties, solving problems and planning - all part of the day to day work of change project people and leaders.

Screenshot of International Association of Facilitators homepage

So why not access the FREE resources of expert facilitators from around the world?

The International Association of Facilitators provide access to their free templates and they are easy to use and incredibly useful for solving all kinds of business challenges.

There are more than 60 free stakeholder engagement tools available for FREE download and they are all proven techniques with easy to use instructions.

This is a great resource to shake up your next team meeting, workshop or problem solving session.

We've used many of these techniques in our services and helped clients of all kinds achieve their outcomes.

Talk to us if you'd like help implementing these methods to create new ways of working and thinking in your workplace!


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