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Designing engaging Change materials can be expensive and time consuming.

In particular, stock photography can be a costly option and often organisations can be limited in what they provide.

Check out this great article from Visme to find more than 60 options for free and copyright free image change design resources perfect for your learning materials, workshop slides and other change engagement documents.

A black and white image of a man stand near a wooden contraption

The sites listed include lots of unique imagery options include some great vintage imagery, which can really give your materials a one-of-a-kind splash!

It's worth putting some effort into making your change materials engaging - but that doesn't mean it has to be time consuming, or expensive!

A modern white apartment block with yellow balconies against a purple backdrop

These types of resources are great for providing you with quick, ready to use images that can instantly improve the look and feel of your presentations and other materials.

We've used many of these techniques in our Change Design® work.

Why not book a Clarity Call if you'd like to start getting some creative help and input into your change project today?


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