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33 questions to ask in change

On a change project it can feel like you always need to have the answers.

But one of the most powerful tools (as any coach knows) is a great question.

Yes, ask open-ended questions, yes ensure you've understood their answer. But it all starts with being willing to just start asking questions and really listening to what's being said. Then asking some more.

So here's 33 great questions for you to ask to find a new perspective, get unstuck and start shaping a change. (Why 33? Well that's how many I came up with and I'm quirky).

Questions in a team context

  1. Has anyone had personal experience with an issue like this?

  2. Does anyone know of another organization that has navigated this issue, and what can we learn from them?

  3. Who else can inform our decision?

  4. Are there differences in how various groups in our organisation/community will see this issue?

  5. Is there history in the community/organisation that will be an important factor in the context in which we’re working?

Questions in a 1:1 context

  1. Whom do you need to recruit as team members and perhaps allies?

  2. Where do you anticipate support for change?

  3. Where do you anticipate responses?

  4. Who are the key individuals and groups that you’ll need to communicate with early and often?

  5. What’s the next step?

  6. What is working well right now?

  7. What specifically are you going to do next?

  8. When are you going to do it?

Questions when others are feeling challenged

  1. If you asked ____, what would they say about you?

  2. Are there any steps you could take right away that would significantly improve your situation?

  3. What would happen if you did nothing?

  4. What are your options?

  5. Are you using this to grow or are you beating yourself up?

  6. How long have you been thinking about this?

  7. Is this goal pulling you forward or are you struggling to reach it?

  8. How do opinions of others impact you?

  9. What situations do you most avoid, and why?

  10. How do you perform in a team versus on your own?

  11. What would you like to see happen?

  12. In the past, what has worked for you? What did you learn from that?

  13. Which possible pathway do you feel prepared to go down?

image features colourful silhouettes of heads and speech bubbles

Questions for self reflection

  1. How do you define a good leader?

  2. What special talents does each team member contribute?

  3. What are the biggest misconceptions your team has about you? Why?

  4. How do you perform in a team versus on your own?

  5. How do you handle conflicts in your life?

  6. What situations do you most avoid, and why?

  7. How do you set a balance between thinking forward and being present for your team?

What's your favourite question for your team, colleagues or stakeholders?

Want to know more about asking the right questions and really listening to answers?

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