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Bronte Jackson
HR Strategy and Change Manager
UN Food and Agriculture Organization
Rome, Italy

Helen's approach to managing change is unique in the global market.

If you want someone that is full of ideas that will bring your company forward into the 21st century ahead of the pack, and someone who has tried and tested these ideas, knows how to apply them and make them work within your business context, then you should choose Helen. 


I highly recommend her as a practitioner and thought leader.


Jennifer Holder
Program & Change Impact Partner
Goodstart Early Learning

 Faith is an authentic and compassionate coach who truly invests in the people she mentors.


She provides valuable and insightful feedback, strategies and tips on how to navigate through change as well as how to build resilience within your own change management career development.

Always approachable, she brings a great sense of curiosity and energy to each conversation and meet up. 


Neville Christie

Serial Innovator

New Renaissance

Helen is a reasoned and seasoned provocateur, a great and relevant storyteller, an insightful leader and facilitator, and a first-class change master.

Helen is skilled in scoping the environment, seeing problems as opportunities and making new things happen.


She moves readily and easily from the big picture strategic issues, to the collaborative mid-ground, to the detailed planning and implementation.


Julie Gillespie
Mental Wellbeing Facilitator | Trainer| Coach Accredited Principal Master Instructor MHFA

Helen, you're an absolute legend! I am incredibly impressed with the outcome of our work together! 

You changed the game for me Helen in two main ways:

  1. You helped me to create some beautiful programs that were able to connect with the groups and really resonated with them. 

  2. The feedback that I've received from participants about my facilitation has transformed. They convey that they thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the programs (which can be up to 6-hours long), were truly engaged with the content, and the interaction connected them with some really tough topics so they felt safe and comfortable.     It's like watching magic happen. 

Thank you so very much for getting me to this point. I thoroughly love working with you.


Amanda Blesing
CEO | Speaker | Mentor
Best Selling Author

Faith is one of those rare people who embraces change because it excites and intrigues her.

Not one to shy away from difficult conversations or tough situations, her expertise in communications and a deep understanding of the science of behaviour change, truly helps her navigate corporate change with ease.

She embraces all this in both her personal and professional capacity with continuous improvement at the core of her approach.


When I say "jump", she not only jumps but then turns that jump into a double backflip with bells on :)



Nathan Bailey

ICT Director

Monash University

Helen has unique flair for ensuring that projects succeed through stakeholder trust and buy-in.


This trust is earnt through detailed understanding of the people factors of change: what information, engagement and support do stakeholders need to ensure they are an active part in changing? 
Her contribution ensures that a project doesn't just produce the right outcome at the right time, but that it is accepted into the daily routine of the right people with the right benefits.


Helen helped us understand and plan to ensure those people were on-board with us as partners, rather than reluctant participants.

Her expertise in change management put the project on a firm footing for change and project-wide success.

Want these results in your business?

We work with what you have, and from where you are.


Our Advisory service offers rapid, pragmatic Change Design expertise no matter the size and scope of your business

We gain a deep understanding of your context and resources and take a jargon-free approach


From one-off rapid activity design, to strategy creation and ongoing mentoring and monitoring, grow the skills of your team, achieve your business outcomes with us. 

For Leaders of Change, Project Managers and Change Practitioners


Learning with us is fun, fuels your imagination and

gives you outcomes you can implement today

 Whether you are looking to learn the skills of Change Design, become more savvy about Change itself,

or you'd like to more effectively

lead Change in your organisation -

you are guaranteed to find a program

that will deliver results. 

Book into our public programs, or have us tailor

one for your inhouse team.

For Leaders of Change, People Leaders and Change Practitioners

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