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For Leaders of Change

We encourage leader to be bold, and curious - and part of that is being brave enough to know you don't have all the answers. So what kinds of questions can help you encourage your teams? We've got a great list to get you started 


A very readable introduction to sense making and complexity. It will tell you what the word ‘Cynefin’ means too!

(Harvard Business Review, 2007)


Why do Timbs and Co use the term 'changing' instead of plain old change? Find out more


Watch this if you like to get your information visually rather than by text; and you get to hear directly from Dave Snowdon, the creator of the framework.

[8:30 min video] (Cognitive Edge, 2010)

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Where does Change Design emerge from, and just what does it really mean?

Want to know about hot new resources, news, and events?


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