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Practical Change Skills

Create real change capability in your business with expert training delivered by seasoned practitioners

Our programs help engage and inform sponsors, leaders and change agents.

Give your biggest supporters the practical skills they need to get in the game and minimise the psychosocial risk of poorly managed change and poor support with our specialist solutions. 

Do these challenges sound familiar in your Change Projects or Programs? 
Our capability solutions can address these challenges
  • Sponsors are making announcements but not decisions

  • Leaders are missing influential change work from their everyday activities

  • Change agents in are representing change in name only 

  • No one wants to be a change agent

  • The hard conversations with Sponsors are never had

  • Leaders struggle to support their team to change behaviour and repeat the same mistakes change after change

How we create change capability

We approach your change project as part of the team, and give you the support you need to get the three crucial layers of support capable and engaged.


  • to provide vital communications channels, clear feedback and to facilitate local engagement at just the right time

  • we've created a rapid induction program to give them the skills they need in a fun, interactive session

  • your change agent network is ready to start working together for you


  • to influence, coach and communicate in their everyday roles, not just when they remember! 

  • we've create a practical workshop that leaves them with skills they actually want to start using immediately 

  • your leaders gain skills to lead change that you can tap into immediately 


  • to actively take a role in project success and avoid those classic sponsorship failures

  • we engage on the tough topics like consistent messaging, resourcing and showing up!

  • your sponsors understand the depth of skill and input real sponsorship needs and the impact they can have

Then it's up to you! Take the reigns or have us provide ongoing coaching and facilitation.

Our Solutions

Have Timbs and Co design a Practical Change solution just for you

Looking to create something for the specific challenges of your workplace?

We have learning designers on hand to tailor a solution just for you. 

Check out some of the resources we recommend

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