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Change Management rules of play

Whether you know it or not, you carry some truths into the way you practice your Change work. Now some might call these assumptions, mindsets, rules of play, principles or deal breakers, and some practitioners are deeply aware of their truths and use them to guide and shape their work. Others just ...don't. They are ruled by these truths but haven't yet become aware of them.

And awareness is key.

At Timbs and Co, we've shaped much of our business and practice around such principles and truths. We are strongly aware of what we believe and how it shapes our view of the people we work with, the type of work we undertake and the way we approach every challenge.

Let us tell you about them:

Changing is fundamentally human in that you notice it, you make it, and you respond to it.

This means that we work in the business of designing experiences in changing for humans, not changing humans to suit a framework or experience.

Changing is an act of improvisation, response, and renewal and the future welcomes those who learn to surf the waves.

We embrace the disciplines beyond change management that enhance our skills and abilities in changing, and engage in life long learning and curiosity.

People already have experiences with changing, ready to translate to new contexts.

We meet leaders, teams and organisations where you are, and with what you have and believe many are more equipped that they know.

Your changing is never separate from your context - your environment, history, relationships, processes and tools are intrinsic to your changing.

We work to understand the context of your organisation, and the experiences of your people, to provide insight richly connected to the way you work.

Changing depends on agency and empowerment for all, extending and embracing change leadership throughout the organisation.

We enhance not only your leadership change capability, but connect to your business teams as resources and active agents of changing.

These truths are instrumental in shaping our professional practice and getting results for our clients.

If these truths resonate with you, and you'd like to work with us on your next change, please reach out to talk more.

image of an eye in black and white with the iris coloured as a rainbow

Do you have a set of Change Management rules of play that guide your practice?

Tell us about them below

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