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Afraid of the AI boogie-man?

I work with people. That's the stuff that gets me out of bed but it's also the stuff that pays my bills and keeps my staff employed. So the idea that some computer could come along and do something that I do better, faster, reliably or cheaper than I? F*cking scary!

And I'd say more people working in human related fields are in the same boat but potentially feeling quite safe right now as we tell ourselves that 'no machine can do what I do, because I am a unique human creative soul."

"no machine can do what I do, because I am a unique creative soul." - every AI-denier everywhere including me till recently.

Well I have news. I've spent some time playing with our soon to be AI-overlords in the last month or two. And they have me beat on a couple of tasks I thought were my bread and butter - and things I thought were truly human skills. Turns out being afraid of the AI boogie-man was a legitmate place to start!

I'm launching a whole series of courses to the public, I've been doing them with clients for ages but I'm now going to make them available to everyone. Great! except that means I need to write some proper copy to market them. Now I have a pretty extensive background in marketing and communications so I can write most things pretty easily. But I've been struggling a bit with this work - it sat on my desk for about 6 weeks at the end of last year and I wasn't inspired. I couldn't get some groovy words put together for something which is actually a really fun change agent and change leadership program. Blerg - oh well - I'll write it one day.

Then I had been talking to my husband who works for a metaverse start-up (yes I know - what the hell even is that?) and we got onto the subject of Chat GPT AI and how they could generate text.

So I gave it a go.

Assuming of course that no machine could possibly be any good at making copy that was remotely useful. I fed it what I wanted "marketing content for masterclass - 200 words - learning outcomes blah blah blah".

And then watched in a combination of horror and delight as it created copy, explaining the concepts of change and leadership, and saving me hours of umming and ahing over the potential writing. Sh*t ...this thing wasn't half bad ... in fact it was quite ....good.

Sh*t ...this thing wasn't half bad ... in fact it was quite ....good.

So now my marketing content which had stagnated like a piece of Christmas ham in back of fridge the week after New Years, was suddenly fresh and new and ready to use. Was I happy? Resentful? Confused? Vaguely ill? (it really was like the ham all over again).

I've moved on though, to curious.

Group of people in an office setting attending a workshop

What do you think? Is this the boogie man who starts us on the slippery slope of losing all human creativity and soul?

Or do we harness this like all other tools and use it to our advantage to give us time back to spend where we really want - with people!

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