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At Timbs and Co we challenge current thinking and the same old change approaches. In fact, we're pretty keen to take a sledge hammer to the 'one-size-fits-all' mindsets and frameworks that pervade the industry!


Our Change Design approach helps leaders and their teams adapt and thrive in change by inspiring the kind of bold leadership that the changing experience needs, and supporting it with people capability that lasts.


We use a diverse range of change tools that aren't fresh from the cookie cutter and our understanding of human factors and experience design allows us to co-create unique and effective changing activities, that you won't see anywhere else.


And our team work with the tools of sense making and complexity to aid decision making, no matter how challenging and uncertain the circumstances become. 

Change Design
Beyond Change Management


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What We Offer

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Our Thinking Partner service is a combination of a sounding board, a sanity check, a sense-making ally, and a critical thinker


Let us challenge your thinking to elevate it to a higher level of quality, so you can confidently put forward your best work yet.

Going beyond wise questions, or advice, your Thinking Partner gives real support and can roll up their sleeves to help you get the job done.   

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We work with what you have, and from where you are.


Our Advisory service offers rapid, pragmatic Change Design expertise no matter the size and scope of your business. 

We gain a deep understanding of your context and resources and take a jargon-free approach


We specialise in one-off rapid activity design, change strategy creation and support you with ongoing mentoring and monitoring.  

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We provide a dynamic facilitation service, designed to help you explore difference perspectives, support people through transitions or bring people together for a common purpose.


We work with you to design the right experience for your clients, customers, team members or senior stakeholders.


We can create just the right atmosphere for the goals you want to achieve.   

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