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Learning and Facilitation Resources

Learning design and development are core to change management work whether you need a quick skills update or a long term leader capability uplift. It goes hand in hand with our frequent role as facilitator for all kinds of experiences. 


But for some change professionals, learning design and facilitation isn't our core skillset and we need a little help. Well we've put together our top learning design and facilitation resources to help you access not only tools and templates, but great ideas and inspiration and a community of learning and development professionals to ask for help and support when you need it!


Join a learning community

The Global Learning Design Community is an incredible, welcoming environment for anyone in or interested in L&D to meet and talk. It's truly a community, and they have a really active approach to their own learning and connection. You can ask questions and find out about just about any type of learning. Check it out today >


Smooth as Butter

If you've not discovered Butter yet, where have you been? They have a great set of templates on offer for learning sessions - everything from ice breakers to workshop outlines and you can download and adapt them for FREE. Plus their paid session planner tool is AMAZING (try if for free). Check the templates out here >


Facilitator School

These guys aren't kidding. This is absolutely an incredible resource whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned facilitator. An incredible treasure trove of support materials especially for virtual facilitation, which I've adapted many times for a real world session. Check it out >

Colorful Alphabets

Creativity and Innovation A-Z

You'll often hear terms thrown around in learning and facilitation and sometimes it's great to have somewhere that succinctly captures their meaning and context. The Mycoted Creativity Techniques A-Z is exactly that. Super straight forward but useful for when you want to add creativity to add to your learning. Visit here >


IAF Library

Even if you aren't a member of the International Association of Facilitators you can still access a ton of their free templates for everything from decision making to debriefing. They've got a really easy to use website and lots of great stuff to share. 

Click here to check it out today >

Female Photographer

Need photos for your learning?

Stock photography can be expensive and often organisations can be limited in what they provide. This site provides more than 60 options for free and copyright free images perfect for your learning (include great vintage options!). 

Check it out now >


Tips from a professional 

Cathy Moore has been recognised world wide for designing and delivering engaging learning. And she is sharing her wisdom via her blog Action At Work. It's full of great insights into designing lively training for working adults and it's never dull! 

Check it out here >


Tools from a professional

Cathy Moore gets two mentions here because she also has some great tools and templates on her website to help plan and prepare for training and learning. From her own action mapping framework to scenario planning she is generous with her knowledge and toolkit. 

Click here to check it out today >

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