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Check out some of our learning programs below or have us tailor a program just for you.

Change Skills 

Change Agent Mastery

Having a network of change supporters in your organisation can be make or break your change program.


Let us help your team build a network of effective change agents who are confident to support change wherever it is happening in your organisation.

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Change Skills 

High Impact Change Sponsor


Explore the role, relationships and possibilities for change Sponsors.

Make a critical difference to project achievement through effective sponsorship activities.

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Change Skills 

Leading Through Change


Leadership models abound but what if you could get to the heart of what your team really wanted from you during change in four simple words?


Join us to discover what it is that teams really want from their leaders, based on extensive research.

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Change Wellness Skills

Sustaining Wellbeing in Change

Change can be a testing and challenging time. Our mental and physical wellbeing is essential to successfully navigating complex change.


Join us for a restorative, sustaining workshop designed to sustain wellbeing and support mental fitness.

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Change Wellness Skills

Engaging Leaders (MHFA)

As workplaces become more complex, and change emerges rapidly, leaders need skills to provide psychologically safe workspaces.


Join us for a workshop exploring Mental Health First Aid and Engaging Leadership through a unique learning experience.

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Change Wellness Skills

Mental Health First Aid (Blended)

The Workplace MHFA format uses scenarios that focus the conversations to be supportive of co-workers who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis, understanding how to provide practical support until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.

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