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Thinking Partner
Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below apply to all Thinking Partner services provided by Timbs and Co team members (“the thinking partner”), to any individual or organisation (“the client”) and constitute the contract for the service to be provided by Timbs and Co for the client. The term ‘thinking partner’ as here used covers a relationship between the thinking partner and client which is thought-provoking, creative, action-focused and does not align with a mentoring or coaching model. 


Limitation of Liability

Client is solely responsible for creating and implementing his/her own decisions, choices, actions and results arising out of or resulting from the thinking partner relationship and his/her calls and interactions with the Thinking Partner. As such, the Client agrees that the Thinking Partner is not and will not be liable or responsible for any actions or inaction, or for any direct or indirect result of any services provided by the Thinking Partner. Client understands Thinking Partner is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. We, our officers, our employees, agents, contractors, suppliers or other parties mentioned on this website, are not liable for any losses or damages, including but not limited to incidental and consequential losses or damages or lost profits due to the use or access of this website, materials or products and services sold by this website.


Cancellation of Service

Client further acknowledges that he/she may terminate or discontinue the Thinking Partner relationship at any time.

Rescheduling of Service

Client agrees that it is the Client's responsibility to notify the Thinking Partner 24 hours in advance of the scheduled calls/meetings. Thinking Partner reserves the right to bill Client for a missed meeting. Thinking Partner will attempt in good faith to reschedule the missed meeting.



Personal information or business information supplied by clients in coaching sessions will be treated as confidential. It will not be disclosed to a third party without the client’s prior permission, save where required by law or where action might be necessary to prevent harm to the client or someone else.

Format of Sessions

The Thinking Partner schedule will be arranged between the Thinking Partner and the client and can be booked up to 3 months in advance. The Thinking Partner will recommend the frequency of sessions based on a professional assessment of the client’s requirements. This recommendation, or plan, is not binding and may be altered and adjusted throughout the journey by mutual agreement, in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement.

Session Fees

Where no specific number is agreed sessions will be provided on a session by session basis.

In return for the fees payable by the client (or by a third party on their behalf), Timbs and Co agrees to provide the service as described below and in accordance with the terms and conditions. 

Changes to our Terms, Conditions & Policies

We reserve the right to change our Terms, Conditions & Policies at any time – it is up to you to check these Terms, Conditions & Policies when re-visiting our website.


You indemnify us, including officers, employees, agents, contractors, suppliers, regardless of any negligence on our part, against all losses, liabilities, legal costs and other expenses incurred by those indemnified arising directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with any breach by you of any provision of these Terms, Conditions & Policies.

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