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Reduce Change Fatigue

Address the real overwhelm and fatigue caused by change

Our programs help leaders and teams

who are exhausted by change.

You can feel better and be more productive every day 

Are you seeing the signs of Change Fatigue in your team?

Our learning and support solutions can address these challenges. 

  • Low/no motivation

  • Big feelings about small things 

  • Low energy

  • Avoiding making decisions

  • Frustration

  • Blame and negativity 

  • Low productivity 

  • High turnover

How we reduce change fatigue

Timbs and Co have decades of experience working with teams experiencing change. So we know that change fatigue is a real and very reasonable response to the constant and highly demanding business of transforming organisations. 


When your people are showing all the signs of change fatigue, our Timbs and Co solutions provide:


  • a practical understanding of the real-world neuroscience experienced in constant change 

  • a path to operating in a change heavy environment, through personal psychology, resources and influence

What our participants say

"I walked in feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 

Walking out, I feel lighter, more positive and ready to take on the things I can control (like we learned). This was so much more than I was expecting and a really positive experience.


Who knew change training could be this way!"

"It turns out the way I feel is actually exactly what I should be feeling. Now I have hope and tools to help me succeed without needing to leave my role.

Thanks for a really enjoyable and motivating session. I'll be telling the others that this session will really help them as well."

Our Solutions

Have Timbs and Co design a Change Fatigue solution just for you

Looking to create something for the specific challenges of your workplace?

We have learning designers and change specialists on hand to tailor a solution just for you. 

Learn more about Change Fatigue

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