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Change Advisory

Are you in a role that leads change, and you know change is coming?


Or perhaps you are right in the middle of more change than you were prepared for!


At Timbs and Co, we help leaders and their teams, adapt and thrive in change. Our Change Advisory Service is the perfect way to access Change expertise that doesn't just follow a framework, but creates something that is unique to your business needs. 

Because we do things a little differently. 

There's no one size fits all at Timbs and Co. 

We use a range of frameworks and draw from many different disciplines beyond Change Management.  What we design with you will be as unique to your organisation as each fingerprint is different from each other. 

How it Works

Forget the fixed resource plan

  • Forget the standard 40 hours a week for 6-12 months.

  • Get expert support, delivered exactly where you need, building your own teams' skills pragmatically.


No matter your project, business size or budget - your leaders and teams can learn to design and build meaningful changing experiences and start adapting and thriving in change. 

There's no hidden tricks, magic or secret formula

  • We are all about being transparent about our time, tools and talents.

  • Mentoring and monitoring is core to our business services.

We want your people to learn from us, get support while they practice and grow and to leave you more capable than when we arrived. Don't watch all your change expertise leave at the end of the contract, build it into every team member throughout the process. 

And we don't do change in a box!

  • What you are getting from us is entirely tailored and designed just for you.

  • Ready-made change 'solutions' with no context are just not in our DNA.


We've got experience and learnings from our years in the industry - but we are not pushing your team into a cookie cutter to save time, or because some 'framework' told us it 'must work'.

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